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Introducing SteraMist™

The Only Perfect Solution
for Aircraft Disinfection

The Basic Liquid

The base for this unique technology is hydro peroxide. In other solutions in the market the concentration in the acid liquid is around 30% and is therefore dangerous for sensitive parts of the aircraft, for example the cockpit electronics or the structural metal or aluminium parts. With a concentration of just 7.8 % of hydro peroxide in the SteraMist™ solution, the only non-corrosive solution offers a complete disinfection without harming any electrical system while being as effective! Thanks to the lower concentration of hydro peroxide the SteraMist™ solution is not classified as dangerous good compared to other solutions. This fact additionally allows us to bring the solution highly flexible directly to you - in any vehicle even a helicopter.

The Transforming Plasma Arc

The 7.8% solution is being sprayed between two high voltage electrodes generating a plasma arc. A plasma consists of a gas of ions-atoms which have some of their orbital electrons removed – and free electrons. This chemical process results in a very high concentration of hydroxil radicals in the mixture. The system transforms the spray into an unique gas-fog with extraordinary power.

The Resulting Gas-Fog

The outcomig gas-fog, or more precisely the Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide ™ is highly effective on a microbiological base. It damages pathogenic organisms through oxidation of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. This results in immediate cellular disruption and/or dysfunction of any kind of germs, microbes, and viruses including the influenza virus and COVID-19. All of them are being killed in 3-5 seconds.

The gas texture assures that even the smallest corners and areas are reached, which is an advantage that no other conventional method can offer. So, it covers every smallest corner and all the areas that no cleaning rack will ever reach.

The gas-fog may also be blown into the intakes of the air-conditioning system which has to be set into recirculation mode. All air tubes will be disinfected and HEPA filters, if installed, will be decontaminated..

The Benefit of Non-corrosiveness

With being non-corrosive the Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide ™ offers an outstanding unique benefit for your assets. The solution does not harm any screw, any bolt, or any other metal or aluminium part of the aircrafts structure. Also, your valuable fabrics, textiles, hard and soft surfaces will not take any harm. No wipe, no rinse, no residue!

The Cockpit-Challenge

The sensitive cockpit area is one of the most advanced challenges for cleaning purposes. The Binary Ionization Technology BIT™ offers the advantages of being tested and approved for the airplane electronics as well. It is virtually predestined to be applied in the cockpit. It does not harm screens, electronics, switches, sockets, headsets, cables, papers, checklists at all. Again: no wipe, no rinse, no residues. We are the right partner for disinfecting your complete aircraft, giving your customers and complete crew security and safety at the highest possible quality.

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