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Aircraft structures are made from  from aluminium and aluminium alloys. They can corrode.

The corroding behaviour of aluminium
Aluminium can corrode at its surface until a layer of max. 4 nm thickness has formed that protects the underlaying metal alloys from corroding. That´s why all metal parts of the structure are plated with a layer from pure aluminium or treated with protective varnish. 

The danger of corroding of the aircraft structure
However, the aluminium or varnish may get scratches over the time. If there are any bare spots, no matter how small they are the underlying metal alloys are exposed to their surrounding and therefore sensible for any corrosive influence now. So every rivet, every drilled hole, every connecting point poses a risk of corrosion of the aircraft structure.

Restriction of use of hydrogen peroxide

For this reason, the use of aggressive hydrogen peroxide on an aircraft is limited. According to EASA regulations any exposure for more than 20 minutes using a concentration of more than 3 % is  forbidden.

SteraMist - harmless to any material
The percentage of hydrogen peroxyde in the ionized fog of the system is only 1.9 - 2.0 % and the exposure time is only 5 - 7 minutes. Therefore the use is completely harmless, even with many repetitions. This is an outstanding advantage and makes SteraMist™ even suitable for disinfecting cockpits of aircrafts with all their sensible electronics, screens, sockets and switches.

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